Powerful due to the fact that the alexandrites have different rays of colors (vibrations)

You may ask if you are allowed to call upon the Crystal Spirit of Alexandrite (especially while you are physically in contact with the stone). Properly asked the Guardian will help you to gain Clarity, in whatever the situation maybe.

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The Alexandrite derives its name from Alexander II, czar of Russia, in 1839. It was said that a group of miners in the Ural Mountains found some stones that looked like emeralds, but when they took them back to the camp that night, the campfire light made them shine red. Next  morning, however, these unusual "emeralds" shone green again. The miners realized that they had discovered a new gem stone. Red and green were the imperial Russian colors, giving the alexandrite the meaning of imperial power and domination and/or empowerment on e social level.

Following 15 Alexandrites cost from Euro 12 to Euro 35 or all 15 pcs. for Euro 210 the lot.

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(Note: images were taken in neutral light, most pieces show moderate colour change from slightly reddish in candle light to  greenish in natutral light)


portion Alex. with Phenacite:  

Accessory Mineral:  Clinochlor - "Serphinite and sometimes emerald and Phenacite"

good color change, ask for qualities, offers and pictures ! ask for specials! eric@man.li

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